Mar 272013

Scratched unceremoniously onto the exterior wall of the Sephora outpost in the Meatpacking District:

    It’s hard to decide what’s best about this:

  • the fact that someone bothered to scratch Zappa’s name anywhere;
  • that one lowercase letter;
  • that fact that he (the graffitor was, undoubtedly, male) specifically opted to do it on the exterior of a posh beauty products ’boutique’ situated in a 1%-playground nabe, considering FZ’s well-documented take on both the dolls and the dolling up for which such environs are renowned;
  • the half-hearted removal attempt, which made it approximately one good stroke after the do-goodnik admitted defeat on that all-important first character.

Mind you, it’s all fun and games until Gail finds out… this partic’lar act of cultural vandalism isn’t merely an NYC “quality of life” infraction… it’s also Federal Trademark Infringement:

FZ TM Reg. No. 2755830

“Now did you cause . . . this misery . . .”

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