Nov 052010

Wavelore Instruments is offering its entire catalog of extraordinary sample instrument libraries (not merely priced at, but worth $720), as an unbeatable package, for a mere $50. This offer is not to be taken lightly; nor is it to be missed.

The package, available until December 1, 2010, includes four meticulously recorded, richly-detailed, highly-customizable Kontakt libraries:

  • Pedal Steel Guitar — An incredible MIDI implementation of a surprisingly complex instrument, this library gives you “ten bendable strings,” adjustable portamento speed, adjustable vibrato speed/depth, the ability to bend single notes in a sustained chord, and realistic amp simulation. A brief description of this library, and a link to a recent song built around it, can be found in this earlier post
  • American Zither — A gorgeous hammered dulcimer, inextricably linked to traditional American, European, Asian, Indian and Persian musics. It sounds beautiful played “clean” and, thanks to its hard attack and harmonically rich timbre, it serves as the ideal substrate for building exotic and textured sounds and effects. An example of this library played “clean” is The Moon Lies Black Upon the Straits; An example of it processed into an “ambient electric guitar” is Dark Matter I;
  • XpanDrum — a collection of two clay bongos and two wooden darbukas, featuring independent tuning, volume, panning and timing/dynamics randomization, coupled with a velocity sensitive Low-Pass Filter that creates realistic dynamics with low processor overhead.

Additional audio examples, magazine reviews, &c., can be found on the Wavelore Demos Page.

This too-good-to-be-true offer is rooted in tragedy… and routed towards the potential light at the end of the tunnel for a long-time MS sufferer. As the Wavelore website explains:

The sale is in support of the John Reid Liberation Fund. John is a longtime Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, and a dear friend of Wavelore Instruments, who is trying to raise funds for a revolutionary new surgery that could alleviate or eliminate many of his MS symptoms. We are offering this unprecedented deal to you, in hopes of supporting John’s treatment. If you’d like to get a no-brainer deal on everything Wavelore has to offer (over $700 worth of sample libraries!) while supporting a great cause, please use the buy now button below, and we’ll donate 75% of all proceeds to John’s cause. You can find out more about John’s condition and treatment, or donate directly to the fund at

Support Wavelore — buy these libraries before December 1, 2010.

Support John Reid — donate directly to John Reid’s Fund.

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