alanb in studio Alan Blattberg is a composer, producer, connoisseur, attorney [ahem], polymath and autodidactic multitasker based in NYC.

For the last ** years, he has listened and listened and absorbed the sounds of the city, the people within it and the world around them.

His entire life has been spent criss-crossing forms and hybridizing vocabularies, informed by the finest offerings of rock (Ash Ra to Zappa), classical (Alkan to Ysaÿe), jazz (Abercrombie to Zawinul), prog (Änglagård to Zao), ambient (A Produce to Xolotl), industrial (Aube to :Zoviet France:), international (Attar to Zukie), hip-hop (Afrika Bambaataa to X-Clan) and metal (Abigor to Weakling), all considered and commingled under the ægis of Duke Ellington's worthy observation that "if it sounds good, it is good."
IMG_1036 (72dpi) (3in.).jpg Self-taught and self-recorded on piano, drums, synthesizers, electric bass, guitar, and assorted percussion, Alan studied physics and music at Wesleyan University, where his weekly Speed Kills But Who's Dying? radio show garnered a loyal and vociferous tri-state following. An electronic/experimental music pupil of Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila and Neely Bruce, Alan also thrash-drummed his way through the latter's "Quartet for Bands" as part of the 1988 "John Cage at Wesleyan" birthday celebration, as a bemused Cage looked on appreciatively. Ostensibly.

IMG_2779 (72dpi) (3in.).jpg

Alan was an active beta tester for TASCAM's legenday (and, now, lamentably long-lost) GigaStudio4 and GVI4 sample engines. As such, he was one of the fortunate few who acquired the 4th-gen iterations of these moribund-yet-better-than-ever applications ("Oh, if the world only knew...").

TASCAM presented excerpts from several of his pieces as audio demos for their GVI3 sample engine and their GigaViolin virtual instrument sample library. His pieces have also been used to showcase the richly detailed and dynamic sample instrument libraries created by Wavelore.

AP Bio Page Image, take 2 (72dpi) (3in.).jpg In 2006, Alan founded Ars Perspicuus (literally, "the transparent arts") to compose, record and produce his Music for real and imaginary ensembles playing actual and implied instruments, featuring instruments that he plays himself and/or conjures from the depths of his computer.

It's all here: Post-Bop jazz... Drifting ambient... Bhangra-inflected electronica... East-meets-West-meets-Middle-East-meets-Far-East cross-pollinations... Neoclassical solo piano... Orchestral... Crushing technical death metal... Old-School industrial... '70s-influenced Progressive/Space Rock, &c.

Ars Perspicuus' music stands on its own as as a soundtrack for the thoughts and images rattling around in your head, and it will make the perfect sonic complement to your artwork/film/TV/video/theatrical production.

Come listen to some of the pieces here, and let's see how we can work together to bring your message to the world.